Mario Caspar

is living the dream of many artists as he converted his hobby and his passion into how he makes a living. At the age of sixteen a friend of the family drew his attention towards the drums by teaching him some very first grooves and rudiments. Only one year later, Mario started his drumming education at the Leonardo-Drum-School in Uster Zürich. Subsequently he earned a scholarship to partake further education in Los Angeles. Anno 1986 he picked up his studies at the Percussion Institute of Technology and after three years he continued to study at the Grove School of Music. After his return to Switzerland Mario completed his teaching capabilities by attending a pedagogic education at the Zürich University of the Arts.

As of today, Mario is sharing his acquainted know-how as a drum teacher at the Jugendmusikschule Hombechtikon and at the Musikschule Knonaueramt. At the same time, he is acting as a lecturer at the Swiss Music Academy in Oberglatt Zürich. Apart of his undivided enthusiasm and inspiration for music and specifically for drumming, Mario is blessed with talent, divers know-how and international experience. Imparting joy and devotion toward music to his students is key for him and the basis for his very professional and target oriented drumming lessons. His teaching are targeting individuals of all ages, namely children, teens as well as adults from entry level up to future drum teachers, everyone can profit from Marios music lessons.

A second but as much important occupation in Marios professional career is his active performance in many live bands. Apart from that, you can as well book him for proficient studio recordings, for ad hoc live performances and last but not least as a sub drummer. During the past 28 years Mario played together with a widespread community of renowed musicians either or for studio takes. Among others:

Jeff Buckley, Abraham Laboriel, Steve Lukather, Vinnie Colaiuta, Justo Al Mario, Gary Willis, Luis Conte, Chi Coltrane, Greg Manning, Kenny Moore, Roger Cicero, Norbert Stachel, JB Horns, Steve Tavaglione, Louis Johnson, Katisse Buckingham, Valeri Tolstov, Vlada, Tigran Hamasyan, Jiffry Hussain, Jeff Richman, Leon Duncan, Dudu Penz, Cesar Correa, Gary Lunn, John Goodsall, Andreas Müller, Erwin Müller, Peter Frei, Christoph Stiefel, Christian Ostermeier, Daniel Küffer, Dave Feusi, George Shelby, Lothar Kosse, Marc Ebermann, Ricky Encarnacion, Egui Siera, Ralph Gustke, Walter Keiser, Orlando Ribar, Enzo Todesco, Daniel Jakobi, Peter Haas, Klaus Bittner, Chris Muzik, Marcus Watta, Matthias Heimlicher, Heinz Affolter, Daniel Peyer, Anja Lehmann, Mick Kaluzny, Reto Fürst, Billy Wirz, Herbie Kopf, Steffen Arpagaus, Urs Nüssli, Gil Lachenal, Beat Ramseier, Claude Diallo, Stefan Pavelka, Andrew Robinson, Jerry Watts, Mitch Frohman, Boy Katindig, Simon Wyrsch, Rodrigo Aravena, Matthew Savnik, Felix Utzinger, Bernard Schoch, Tom Lane, Mark Hauser, Lukas Bosshardt, Urs Wiesendanger, Chris Wiesendanger, Thomas Fessler, Greg Galli, Bruno Amatruda, HP Crazy, Michel Stadler, Manuel Halter, Kristen Fletcher, Carlo Tapia, Markus Frei, Stefan Athanas, Jean Marc Lerigab, Lukas Heuss, David Wildi, Ueli Gasser, Edo Leonardi, Philipp Ackermann, Thom Grüninger, Jürg Hurter, Lukas Leuthold, Rodrigo Botter Maio, Andi Pupato, Willy Cotoun, Carles Peris, Jimmy Mahlis, G-Sax, Daniel Graf, Angelo Signore, Philippe Mall, Daniel Zihlmann, Yasmina Paola Salm, Isabelle Walliker, Deborah Merian, Devi Reith, Bo Katzman, Martin Villiger, Peter Livers, Luciano Maranta, Ariel Rossi, Roberto Francomano, David Wildi, Carmine Maletta, Matthias Ammann, Philipp Ackermann, Lukas Gadola, Lars Kruse, Michael von Babo, Harry Borner, Reggie Saunders, Thomas Töngi, Nicolas Winter, Marcus Bodenmann, Janez Zakosek, Uli Heinzler, Viktor Szlovàk ...